There are times in life when every one of us has wondered if we’re laboring under the menace of a curse. Chance are, we’re not. Life is ruled by nature and chaos, and let’s face it, shit just happens. You can read more of my thoughts on life’s tragedies and chaos here.

On the other hand, casting curses upon ourselves is far more likely, as John Beckett describes in this article.

You don’t have to know who or what is sending baneful energy your way. If you believe you’ve been cursed try this simple spell to vanquish the heebie jeebies you’re feeling.

You will need:

  • A black bowl or plate

  • Salt

  • Black Candle

  • Iron Nail

If you don’t have a black bowl or plate, you should. I use mine for all manner of crafting. You can easily make one by spray painting any glass or fireproof dish. For a very magical effect, spray the outside only of a clear glass bowl. Or, hit the thrift stores and hunt down your perfect magical vessel.

Choose a smaller candle for this spell because you’ll be chanting until it burns out—you want to break the curse, right? A tea candle, a small candle like these made for spell work, or a birthday candle. Mickie Mueller explains how to super charge your spells with birthday candle magick here.

Make a mound of salt in the bowl or plate. Stand the candle in the salt. Focus on the candle and chant three times, “This candle is all curses upon me, all curses upon me are this candle.” Cast the negative energy of your curses into the wax.

Light the candle. Repeat the spell for the entire time the candle burns.

“Break all curses afflicting me, vanquish all negative energy.

Chase the shadow from my door, that it return nevermore.

All curse and hex cast over me, now burn away for eternity.”

When the candle has burned out, bury the wax and salt in the earth. Drive the nail into the spot saying, “As above, so below. Be it so!”

Just a note, new nails are not made of iron. If you don’t have a husband or partner who keeps coffee cans of old nails laying around, ask a friend who does, I’m sure they’ll be happy to prove that there is a use for them after all.

It’s best to fill the void after doing any kind of removal magick. A simple protection amulet should do the trick. Make or choose a piece of jewelry, like a ring, bracelet or necklace. Endow it with the power of protection. I generally anoint mine with an oil blend like sage and salt. You can also smoke bathe your amulet with sage or other incense of protection herbs. I program the amulet to be the source point of a shield of protection—above me, below me, before me, behind me, around me like a sphere, deflecting all baneful energy.

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